Status Data, Inc. was founded in 1970. It's founder, Anne Shapiro started the business by herself from her kitchen "keypunching" information for her first client, IBM. From there she grew the business with her son-in-law. Today, Status Data is owned and operated by that same son-in-law and Anne's grandson. What was once a one person operation out of a kitchen has grown into a full service data processing firm with over 110 employees and three offices in New York City, Long Island, and India.

Status Data for:

      Data Entry
  • keypunching
  • data input
  • processing
  • data conversions


  • indexing
  • archiving
  • imaging of documents
  • PDF conversion
  • no more paper
  • lockbox
  • coupon redemption
  • rebates
  • contest entries

Status Data is your outsourcing specialist for data entry, data processing, scanning and imaging of documents. We are a full service data processing firm. Locations in New York City, Long Island, NY, and India.